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Peter Oswald 

I’m a dreamer. My obsession has constantly been working to take conceptualized ideas and turn them into something real, something tangible. I’m motivated to grow both mentally and physically—to push myself out of my comfort zone.
2012 marked the year where Darwin, and my dreams, began to take shape while I was studying Entrepreneurship at University of Vermont as well as playing on the Men’s Lacrosse Team.
I learned what it took to carve my own path, and I am beyond grateful for the help I received from family, friends, and teammates. A community formed to help Darwin grow to where it is today.
My focus is on creating a product the customer deserves and implementing a powerful brand. A brand that has an infectious camaraderie that revolves around the core values that helped build it.  Values like embracing the unknown adventure, interacting with new like—minded people and learning how to adapt to the ever-changing world.
Darwin exists because of you.
If you would like to learn more you can find in-depth stories within The Community section, on Darwin’s Creation, Values, and even some of the personal lessons I have learned throughout day-to-day life.
Please feel free to reach out. I would really enjoy the opportunity to help in any way I can.