The Long Strange Difficult Awesome Journey: Focus On Movement

Any movement. No, I am not talking about the infamous Seinfeld clip, (insert clip here if you can find it) but instead, I'm talking about a way that I have recently found to have a very positive outcome in the entrepreneurial world. Recently, I've been experiencing a great kind of busy, which comes with a whirl wind of meetings, order completions, and keeping the balance with family and friends. 


I've taken a few days to reset, and to digest the mental and physical activity I've been experiencing. I'm grateful for the success as of late, but I also found myself experiencing a conflict of emotions-- happiness mixed with being a bit stir crazy. Looking to harness the feeling and propel it towards new goals, a new season, and a successful end of summer, I have turned to movement


I found that I have become more engaged in conversations on the phone while I'm walking. In other words, I've become a better listener, able to speak with passion, and clearly articulate the many thoughts that come to mind. Even texting, as funny as it sounds, I have taken to the streets. My business requires constant reach outs, check in’s, inquiries of how customers are enjoying products and or they can be improved. Rather than sit, I move. Walk and text... in an area where I won’t run into a pole, or be the obnoxious walker and hit someone. 


Experiencing the benefits of this recent discovery, for me, has made me realize the extreme importance of movement within a business. The moment you personally and/or your business stop, you’re dead. Work may not crumble, and you may not actually die, but a layer of stagnation will slowly move in and complacency will follow. 


Both of those being driving forces for me to be humble with victories, but ensure I am playing for the bigger picture. Even if I have run out of names to reach out to, I will circle back with friends, just to talk. Check in. Family members. Whomever it may be. At the end of the day, being a big believer in positive energy, I'm creating an energy ball moving forward. 


For the next 4 weeks until Labor Day, (unassigned end of summer), my main focus will be on movement. Focused energy that is always a step in any direction. Even if it’s a step back, remember, if you turn around.. it’s a step forward and that’s what we all can be proud of, taking a step and moving forward. Whatever direction that may be.