The Long Strange Difficult Awesome Journey: The Road To Follow

Sometimes while on the journey you get stuck. Progress has been made, growth has occurred, but you still feel confused and frustrated. Why? Everything for the past few weeks has clicked, so why is there this mental state of indecision and uncertainty? Do you force your way through it, take a step back, or maybe.. look around and realize there are a lot of roads to explore from this point. 

Recently I have contemplated these thoughts. Work and life can be going so smoothly, then all of a sudden a new unknown challenge appears. The winds change, and before I know it, I am at the location of bewilderment. It is always a pain in the ass to be in this state because it is one of the bigger unknowns.

Taking a step back and becoming focused on the journey rather than an end goal is the first step into breaking this mental haze. I realized recently that things I have done in the past won't always work in the present or the future. By assessing, exploring new areas and applying what I have learned, a new threshold is born. This is what I call an explorer mindset. I tell myself that I want to travel down these new roads of possibilities and challenges. Never say no. "No" will only give energy towards uncertainty. Instead, say yes. Say yes, and find out what works and doesn't work. Always assume success is down the road. 

Be kind to yourself and try not to overthink the state you are currently in, whether positive or negative. Instead, appreciate the present, and understand that what has gotten you there has been a great success. But, to reach that next potential, these different types of roads need to be explored and understood on a deeper level-- eliminating that uncertainty and creating an excitement for the adventure. Becoming an explorer of your own life.