The Long Strange Difficult Awesome Journey: Handmade

During a recent midday run, Jerry Jeff Walker's L.A. Freeway started to play in my headphones. It is a simple old country song that I have always loved but never have attached feeling or a life realization to. One lyric stopped me in my tracks, but kept my mind running, made me pull out my phone and start taking notes. 

The lyric, "Loves a gift that's surely handmade." 

For whatever reason, that switch went off in my head. The trigger being handmade. As most of you know, Darwin is a handmade product-- the videos and photos all show that. But, it wasn’t what I was thinking of at the time. What got my mind running was the thought of living a handcrafted life

A handcrafted life excites me because it is something any individual is capable of. A handcrafted life calls for you to take the reigns and put energy towards that with which drives your body, ignites your soul and increases your value as a person. 

The handcrafted life boils down to action and presence. In that order. By taking that action, and being aware of how and why you are applying it to your life, creates presence. Presence then opens your mind and eyes to opportunity. Thus, becoming a never-ending cycle of up’s and down’s that ultimately lead to bettering yourself and hopefully a life of fulfillment. 

As I finish this piece, I am glad I kept this short and sweet. Now, I’m going to go dig into my mental and physical “toolbox” to see what tools I can use to help create a better me. Some, I probably have no f’ing idea how to use. But, by using them once, and paired with that applied pressure will, without a doubt, create change. With change comes a new outlook and new challenges. Where those challenges go? That’s the unknown. Ultimately, by using new and old tools, there will always be a new unknown to reach and most importantly a better self to create.