The Long Strange Difficult Awesome Journey: Creation

The moment we are put on Earth, we are born to create. To even be alive, we had to be created. I say this because I have recently chosen the word “create” as a mantra of sorts. I have used the word creation to get out of ruts, form new friendships, better my already existing personal relationships and increase business growth.

Attaching the word, create, came to me back in Mid-March when I felt as though I was at another inflection point. A point, where in a weird way, I had to focus on less. Just solely focus on that with which I can create and grow. These types of focuses are: business growth in sales, forming new relationships, content, and my personal surroundings.

By choosing to focus on and create the things I can control has allowed my mind to be set free. It’s allowed me to battle the challenge and fear of reaching out to new contacts, rekindling old relationships, and putting content, like this, out there for the world to see.

I realize that I may not see results from the creation I put out there right away. Maybe it takes a week, or a month, but applying compounded consistency towards creation… well, only good can come from that. I’m reminded of my background in sports. If I wanted to get to a loose puck or a ground ball, I had to move my feet. If there was an opportunity on the ice or the field to make a play, I had to take action-- move my feet and seize the chance; or, at the very least take one. By doing this, whether the outcome was positive or negative, I was given an answer and knew that I gave it a go.

Creation has become a fascinating experience for me. It is physically impossible to create without taking action. Action, done repeatedly, will form a result. A result that wasn’t there unless you or I took action. Building on this result will create a foundation that can either be built up and or expanded on.

Creation has helped attach purpose to my daily life. Purpose that was there, but felt as though it would drift repeatedly or get misdirected by the wind. Creation has rewarded me with results. Some great, some I really need to improve on. For the first time ever, good or bad, I am so happy to know the result. The result does not define, but instead it is a compass to guide and build on the foundation.

Most importantly, creation has brought more fun into my life. When building a company, I will be the first to say, it is extremely easy to get wrapped up in your own thoughts and lose sight of the little fun tasks, or appreciate others input. Focusing on creation, diminishes those hindering thoughts, and instead, brings out a truer sense of self-- a self that in the moment, is having fun creating. And, at the end wants to improve that creation.