The Long Strange Difficult Awesome Journey: Be Curious

Be Curious:

The other night I met with an old close friend of mine, also named Pete. We caught up for a while, and Pete was interested in how and where Darwin was made. What started with a casual talk about Darwin, turned into a deeper conversation. I showed him the Darwin site, the updates that had been made, and how I throw things out there to see what sticks; and, if a mistake happens, use it as a new tool to improve upon the webpage or situation.

Pete G. stopped and said, “You know what this reminds me of? A meeting I had the other week with a family friend who told me, always “be curious.”

I wanted to freeze time when he said that. It stuck with me. Be curious. A eureka moment that just made so much sense. Being curious has gotten Darwin to where it is today, and has allowed so much personal growth. Being more curious will allow both myself, and Darwin, to grow to unthinkable points.

As kids we are always told to be curious. It’s that curiosity that allows us to learn what to do, and in other circumstances what not to do. That curiosity allows us to grow into who we are, deep in our souls. It is curiosity that when we’re passionate about a something, it allows us to take that leap into the unknown, and figure it out along the way.

But, most importantly, to me, it’s that curiosity that breaks down the barriers of the unknown. The unknown is what has limited me, and us, at one time or another. Yes, it’s scary. I mean it is the unknown after all. But, it’s what drives me away from the “What if?”, and replace it with an action to discover the answer. That’s curiosity at it’s finest. Good or bad, that is one's own personal opinion towards an outcome, but what matters is, you and I have discovered an outcome by being curious-- rather than just sitting there and wondering what could happen.

I am so glad Pete brought up that phrase, as simple as it may seem. Imagine, two Pete’s showing one another their notebooks full of ideas, thoughts, and the knowledge they have collected through the years. Us sharing a passion for finding, creating, and being in a community of like-minded individuals that truly value the essence of growing oneself.

So, go outside, to your office, your gym, anywhere really, and be curious today. Find your boundaries and break them.